What is the Alphabiotic Training Academy?

The seeds of the Alphabiotic Training Academy were planted in 1971 led by Dr. Virgil Chrane Jr. He crafted the textbooks and original training program while his son Michael Chrane learned under his wings in Texas. Virgil and Michael then chose to spend 5 years in Guadalajara, Mexico refining their craft and making sure they were absolutely clear about what was required to become an Alphabioticist. In 1979, they moved back to Texas, setting up the Alphabiotic New Life Center and establishing the Alphabiotic Training Academy.

Alphabiotic students enrolled with the Academy and the first Alphabioticists were certified as Developmental Alphabioticists (DA). 

Dr Virgil Chrane Jr. led the Academy with support from his wife Martha Chrane and son Dr Michael Chrane until his death in 2017. In 1995 Nona Bertschy, DA joined the faculty and continued to teach through 2021. In 2016 Jeffrey Williams joined the faculty and started a satelite program in California. Under Nona’s mentorship, Swirl Jordan Moore joined the faculty in 2022. 

Today Dr Michael Chrane, DA is supported by both Jeffrey Williams, DA and Swirl Jordan Moore, DA in running the Alphabiotic Training Academy programs in both Texas and California. The Academy is currently training Alberto Estrada, DA to join the faculty and has its sites on expanding into new territories worldwide. 

The Alphabiotic Training Academy is aware that untrained people in Mexico, United States and other countries are training people and offering fraudulent certifications. We do not condone these fake training programs. Sadly, untrained and unauthorized people, such as Juan Uribe, Rene Pescador, Carlos Gamez and many more have misled the public and scammed thousands of people.  We have great empathy for those who have been caught up in these schemes. For those looking to get trained appropriately in the authentic applied philosophy and science of Alphabiotics. by the only Alphabiotic Training Academy in the world, we welcome you with open arms and look forward to having you as a part of our growing Alphabiotic family.

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