Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start training?

We accept new students all year round for classes that begin in January of every calendar year. Our online modules open in the late Fall to prepare students for in person classes that first meet in January. As of now it is not possible to begin training at any other time.

What are the requirements to become a Board Certified Developmental Alphabiotics?

It is required that you attend a minimum of 8 core classes. We host 3-day training weekends once a month, January through August, with our Annual Recertification and Homecoming Event in September. Each class is held from Thursday through Saturday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

It is required that you have a passing grade in a college level course on anatomy and physiology. If you have not yet taken anatomy and physiology, we can direct you to a convenient, online classroom training.

Alphabiotic course work will be outlined throughout the program in which you will undergo rigorous training and assessment. Completion will require testing of your application of the Alignment Process, Alphabiotic science and philosophy, and other academics presented throughout the program. Upon Board Certification, you will have the hands-on skills, academic knowledge and business plan needed to confidently open an Alphabiotic center to help others more effectively deal with stress.

How much time do I have to complete the training program?

We encourage students to complete their training in one year and continue to attend classes as often as possible to deepen in the teachings and technique as well as refine their communication and technical skills. The Training is progressive and developmental, so each class builds on the previous one. Developing muscle memory through repetition as well as developing communication skills through practice is key to learning to share Alphabiotics. Multiple class locations are offered in parallel so students unable to attend a class in one location often choose to make it up in another location.

What is the cost of training?

$12,500. This includes the online modules, eight core classes, textbooks, legal forms, online student resources, a portable Alignment table designed by Dr. Virgil Chrane specifically for the field of Alphabiotics and your certification. A tuition plan is offered for an additional $500 for those preferring to make installments. Candidates must pay their tuition in full prior to testing for certification with the Board.

Do you require continuing education?

As with all high-level professional trainings in the health and wellness field, Alphabioticists must undergo an annual assessment for the purpose of ensuring quality – in this case, and most importantly, of your hands-on technique. For each year of practice attendance at the Annual Recertification and Homecoming Event is mandatory to receive this guidance, as well as continuing education in legal compliance, Health Freedom updates, etc. This is an enjoyable time to come together with your new Alphabiotic family and receive feedback on your skills, business strategy, networking and group powwow – all with a view to keeping you and your profession ever moving toward its greatest expression of excellence.

Are you the only facility where you can learn Alphabiotics? Yes

This is the only genuine training academy with the only certified teaching instructors in the world. There are others who have not been trained or certified and then run off with the teachings and are not in good standing with the academy in both the United States and Mexico. No matter what anyone claims, if they are not listed on this website, they are not certified or permitted to teach the true Virgil Chrane Alphabiotics Philosophy and/or Methodology. We have no idea what they are teaching and we cannot and do not stand behind them. These imposters dilute the work and mislead the public.

How is the Alignment performed?

The Alignment involves several elements only an Alphabioticist is trained to perform and certified to deliver:

  •  The participant makes himself comfortable on a specially designed couch
  •  Brain state is assessed and stress levels are observed using a sophisticated biomechanical test.
  • A singular movement commencing at the occiput signals the brain to do an in house systems check 
  • A retest confirms the result to the member’s satisfaction

The process creates a pattern interrupt prompting the nervous system to conduct a systems check. Because you were designed for whole brain function in alpha, this is the mode it defaults to.

The location, amplitude, speed and direction of the movement all combine to make the process safe and effective. It is completed in just seconds and you will feel and see the results immediately.

What is the difference between Alphabiotics and Chiropractic?

Alphabiotics focuses on providing a pattern interrupt to bring the hemispheres of the brain into greater balance so the innate wisdom of the body can redirect resources to heal itself. Alphabioticists demonstrate how stress is causing the brain to be locked in an inappropriate stress state and how there is a process to help ourselves adapt better to modern stress. 

Chiropractic is focused on the manipulation and adjustment of the skeletal structures of the spine to correct subluxations in order to improve function. 

How do I know who is legitimately trained in Alphabiotics when so many people say they are doing it?

Our Alphabiotic Directory has all of the current Certified Developmental Alphabioticists in good standing. If someone is not listed it is because they have not continued to learn and refine their process, have been misrepresenting themselves or have gotten in trouble for doing things they have not been trained to do.

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