About the Alphabiotic Training Program

Dr. Virgil Chrane, Sr was on a mission to find a better way to help people. As a chiropractor in the early 1900’s, he was given a grant to audit all of the chiropractors west of the Mississippi through the Universal Chiropractic Association. In his 5 years traveling he documented 100’s of chiropractic adjustments and tracked efficacy in patients. He was shocked to discover that the average adjustment lasted 90 steps from the table and this finding was incredibly dissapointing. 

He held the founding principles of chiropractic in very high esteem. Principles like:

  • The body has an innate wisdom and power to self-regulate and maintain health.
  • The power that makes the body heals the body.
  • We can only help others get into more favorable circumstances so they can heal themselves.

While aligned with the principles, Virgil was intuitively drawn to explore different applications. His hunch was to work directly with the brain. In the following 19 years he developed and refined a process that involved 12 parts that was known as the Chrane Condyle Lift. 

Our training program is the only true Alphabiotic Training in the world. If you want authentic training with the Dr Virgil Chrane lineage, you have found it. Our program fully prepares you to offer the Alphabiotic Alignment to the world. 

We will get you the philosophy, the science, the technique and the best business practices necessary to be a true Alphabioticist.

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