What is Alphabiotics?

Alphabiotics is an applied transcendental philosophy, consistent with the science of quantum physics, that concerns itself with the relationships between the Primary Source Energy, i.e. Life, and the macro and micro aspects of individual human beings. Alphabiotics involves a hands-on process that has to do with life and life energy and how individuals might use their own life energy more effectively. Alphabiotics intent is to help the mal-adapted self more tightly connect with the greater, creative, balanced self and ultimately, be more aligned and unified with Life-the primary source of power, inspiration and wisdom.

When we experience symptoms, whether they are physical, mental-emotional or social, they are actually signs of brain imbalances. When the brain gets stuck out of balance, it produces signs (symptoms) on the road of life which are feedback mechanisms to let you know that you are stuck in a stress state. Stress states are great when necessary to survive threatening situations but not appropriate over long periods of time, because they accelerate degeneration and ultimately create disease.

Alphabiotics sees the biggest problem we have to solve for our health is learning to adapt to modern stress which is causing more than 95% of people to be chronically stuck in an inappropriate stress state. 

Stress states create lateralization in brain function, it activates the amygdala, the lower and more primitive subcortical area of your hindbrain, instead of your neocortex and prefrontal cortex which are the self-governing and objectively functioning regions of the forebrain.

The amygdala is a part of the limbic system and is the reactive, survival motivated region of the brain playing out predator-prey dynamics. In this state your brain prioritizes moving blood flow, oxygen and energy to the limbs to fight, flight or freeze to survive circumstances that are perceived as threatening.This level of function is critical for surviving real threats but is only meant to control our perceptions and bodies for short periods of time. Modern stress triggers this primitive response but rarely provides the signal that the threat is over, therefore the vital organs, immune system, digestive system, tissue repair and cell function are constantly starved of innervation, blood flow and oxygen. This is detrimental to our health and observed to be the root cause of dysfunction.

A person who is certified and in good standing at the Alphabiotic Training Academy is a Developmental Alphabioticist. Alphabioticists do not treat symptoms, rather they interrupt the stress state and restore balance to the brain so the body can naturally regenerate itself. 

When you target symptom relief, these symptoms tend to change forms, persist and often get worse until you address the brain imbalance rather than the symptom. Without interrupting the stress state and restoring balance to your brain which balances your chemistry and initiates overall well-being, most people get stuck on the endless circle of chasing symptoms. 

Alphabioticists guide their clients to trust in the brilliance that is innately in the brain and body to do the healing, rather than relying on treatments, procedures and medications with potential side effects. Alphabiotics assists in restoring the natural balance, activating the regenerative growth and repair powers of the parasympathetic nervous system. 

In Alphabiotics there are no diagnoses or prescriptions, but each client is tested to determine if the brain and body are in balance or out of balance. This simple testing is done before and after each Alignment Process to observe the restoration of balance and power to the body, rather than relying on the opinion of an outside authority. Balance and power are experienced by every client through the testing process.

Alphabiotics was born after long deliberation in 1971. Dr Virgil Chrane and Dr Virgil Chrane Jr were disappointed in the 1960’s as Chiropractors became Drs treating symptoms and prescribing drugs. Dr Virgil Chrane had innovated a sequence of adjustments known as the Chrane Condyle Lift, but through rigorous testing it was determined that the one assisted movement that was not an adjustment made the greatest impact and served as a reset button for the autonomic nervous system. After Dr Virgil Chrane Sr died, the name “Alphabiotics” came to Virgil Jr in a dream in 1967 and in 1971, the profession of Alphabiotics was officially born.

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